The Expedo group was founded by HSU Pang-You in 1951. An engineer by training, he distinguished the group by his diligent, thorough and technical approach to shipping. Ship management services commenced in 1961. A reputation for reliability and responsiveness was quickly established with major oil companies who entered long-term charters for tankers managed by Expedo.

The tradition of engineering excellence became the hallmark of the group continuing to this day. In 1976, Expedo supervised its first newbuilding vessel in Japan. A succession of newbuilding assignments followed culminating in the construction of the double-hull VLCCs New Wisdom and New Vision. With a reputation to match its engineering capabilities, Expedo provided its customers the opportunity to order a new generation of tankers to specifications that exceeded commonly accepted class requirements and yard standards. Safety, structural integrity and operational efficiency stood out as priorities in Expedo's design. The hull design standards subsequently became the benchmark for upgraded class society designations.

P.Y. Hsu compared the care required to manage ships second only to that needed to raise children. Today we still share his credo and sense of duty.

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