Current Job Opportunity

Expedo Ship Management (Canada) Ltd. requires a Safety Department Head to monitor and inspect our safety procedures aboard our fleet ships, and to provide recommendations to senior management to ensure appropriate measures are adopted to comply with international safety standards and regulations.

Expedo Shipping Corporation is a Monaco based shipping company. We own and operate tankers that trade worldwide, and have manning offices in Taiwan, China, Philippines and India. Our Canadian office oversees compliance with safety protocols worldwide, but predominantly in Asia. The position of Safety Department Head must therefore be well versed in local shipping conditions at our most travelled ports, our cargo, and shipping traffic.

Responsibilities of the role fall under two main umbrellas: Safety, and Compliance with the International Safety Management (ISM) Code, ISO14001 and ISPS. Specific responsibilities of the position include:


  • Conducting safety inspections on board ships, submitting reports of any findings to senior management, and verifying that all findings been corrected.
  • Examining ships’ reports and making recommendations to Masters regarding improvements.
  • Coordinating with Ship Masters to monitor safety equipment condition, and ensuring such equipment always complies with International Maritime Organization (IMO) requirements, as well as country and company requirements.
  • Contacting relevant classification societies, US Coast Guard, and manufacturers when necessary to ensure Expedo is operating with the most up to date safety equipment.

ISM / SEP compliance

  • Ensuring that fleet ships are conducting shipboard SEP meetings as required, and maintaining records of their minutes in Expedo’s records.
  • Scheduling management meetings quarterly, presenting shipboard SEP meeting minutes to senior management, and providing feedback to ships.
  • Ensuring fleet ships are conducting Vessel Response Plan (VRP) drills and maintaining the company’s records of these drills.
  • Updating the office library, and the Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency Plan (SMPEP) and VRP copies to ensure they are consistent with ships’ copies.
  • Ensuring that fleet ships are conducting drills and onboard training pursuant to schedules, and maintaining ships’ records.
  • Reviewing company procedures and manuals, and revising these manuals annually, and whenever required.
  • Ensuring fleet ships are following the company’s drugs and alcohol policy, arranging unannounced drugs and alcohol tests, and maintaining records.
  • Analyzing Accident /Near Accident Reports / Non Conformity Reports from fleet ships, giving feedback to ships, reporting to senior management, and maintaining records.
  • Scheduling the fleet’s shipboard Master review, examining ships’ findings, giving feedback and verifying corrective actions have been taken.
  • Scheduling company and fleet ships’ internal and external audits and verifying all corrective actions have been taken in the light of findings.
  • Scheduling annual table top drill with QI (Qualified Individual) and ship as per VRP and California’s Contingency Plan requirements, and as per SMPEP.
  • Ensuring the Designated Person Ashore provides a link between the Company and those on board, and has direct access to the highest level of management.

In order to perform the responsibilities of this challenging role, the following qualifications are mandatory:

    • Minimum 8 years of seafaring experience on product tankers, with 5 years on Panamax product tankers as Chief Officer and Master.
    • Familiar with ISM and implementation, with an internal auditor certificate.
    • Familiar with International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code and its implementation, and hold a valid certificate for CSO (Company Security Officer).
    • Familiar with Incident investigation, with training certificate.
    • Familiar with Tanker Management and Self Assessment (TMSA) requirements and navigation audit programs.
    • Has experience with Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) as certified primary system on ships.
    • Familiar with Risk Assessment processes and techniques with training certificate.
    • Familiar with ISO14001- 2015 and implementation, with internal auditor certificate.
    • Familiar with Competence Management Systems and implementation
    • Familiar with Danaos Planned Inspection and Maintenance system.
    • Experience working experience with international crew members, particularly Chinese crews.
    • Proficiency in Chinese Mandarin. Note that one third of our crew members are Chinese. In the event of a crucial communication regarding safety or an investigation, the Safety Department Head must ensure that that communication is accurate, and that the crew understands instructions given.

This position will be based at Expedo Ship Management Canada’s office located at One City Centre Drive, Suite 1510, Mississauga, ON, L5B 1M2. It is a full time, permanent position.

Approximately 90% of work hours will be spent at our office in Mississauga, 10% of work hours will be spent at sea, on board our vessels. As per job requirements above, the language of work will be English, however it is imperative that the Safety Department Head fully understand reports from our crews regarding safety measures and concerns, and must ensure that our crews fully understand instructions given to them regarding safety measures and requirements. Proficiency in Mandarin is therefore required, in addition to English.

The wage for this position will range between CAD $100,000 – CAD $140,000, depending on the level of experience of the candidate. Employment benefits will include extended medical, dental, vision care, and life insurance coverage.

Interested candidates, please send resumes and cover letters to