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New Century Information
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General Information

Date Updated:: 19 Jun 2018
Vessel's name: New Century 1.2
IMO No.: 9298272 1.3
Vessel's previous name(s): N/A 1.4-1.7
Flag: Marshall Islands 1.8
Port of Registry:: Majuro 1.9
Call sign:: V7GF8 1.11
Inmarsat Phone Number: F77 764127841 FBB773805033 1.12
Fax number:: F77 764127842 1.13
Email address:: V7GF8@AMOSCONNECT.COM 1.16
Type of vessel: LR1 Panamax product and crude oil tanker 1.17
Type of hull:: Double/Bouble 1.19

Ownership & Operation

Owner: Alpha Express Corporation 1.20
Technical operator - Full Style:: Expedo Ship Management (Canada) Ltd One City Centre Drive, Suite 1510, Mississauga Ontario, L5B 1M2, Canada Tel: +1 905 949 6075 (24 hrs) Fax: +1 905 949 6177 E-M: mailbox@expedo.com 1.22
Commercial operator - Full Style:: EXPEDO SHIPPING CORPORATION (MONACO), Le Park Palace 5, Impasse de la Fontaine MC 98000 Monaco Principality of Monaco phone +377 97972022 chartering@expedo.com 1.25
Disponent owner / Bareboat charterer - Full Style:: N/A
Number of vessels in Disponent Owner's fleet: 6


Where built:: New Century Shipyard, China 1.26
Date Delivered:: Hull #:0307303 12JAN05 1.31


Vessel's classification society: ABS 1.34
Class notation:: +A1, OIL CARRIER, (E), +AMS, +ACCU, VEC, FL(30), SH, SHCM 1.35
If Classification society changed, name of previous society?: No 1.36
If Classification society changed, date of change?: N/A 1.37
Last drydocking: 11NOV14 1.38
Last SPS(Special Periodical Survey): 11NOV14 1.41
Latest CAP Rating (if applicable): N/A 1.44
Last AGS (Annual General Survey): 14 Feb 2018 1.45


LOA (Length Over All): 228.6 M 1.49
Extreme breath: 32.291 M 1.51
KTM (Distance keel - top of mast/highest point): 49.034M 1.54
Distance bow to centre manifold: 111M 1.57.1
Parallel Body Length - Lightship: 113m 1.57.3
Parallel body length - normal ballast: 130.5m 1.75.6
Parallel body length - Summer DWT: 144.436M 1.57.9


NRT (Net Register Tons): 22,401 1.59
GRT (Gross Register Tons):: 41,994 1.60
Suez NRT: 39154.4 1.61
Panama NRT: 34691 Tons 1.62

Loadline Information

Summer:: Freeboard Draft DWT Displacement 6.315m 14.518m 73,901.32mt 89,381.33mt 1.63
Winter:: 6.617m 14.216m 71,870.39mt 87,350.4mt 1.64
Tropical:: 6.013m 14.82m 75,934.09mt 91,414.1mt 1.65
Lightship:: 18.024m 2.809m 0.0mt 15,480.01mt 1.66
Normal Ballast Condition:: 13.507m 7.326ms 26,656.1mt 42,136.1mt 1.67
TPC (Ton Per Centimetre), on Summer DWT: 67.2 Tons 1.70
Does vessel have Multiple SDWT?: Yes 1.72
If yes what is the maximum assigned Deadweight?: 73,901.32mt 1.73
Air Height(Sea level to top of mast/highest point) Ballast: 40.704m 1.74

Recent Operational History

Has vessel been involved in any collision, grounding or pollution incident the past 12 months, full description:: Pollution: No Grounding: No Collision: NO 1.77-1.79


Owners warrant following certificates to be valid throughout the Charter Party period: YES
SOLAS Safety Equipment: 11JAN20 2.2
SOLAS Radio: 11JAN20 2.3
SOLAS Safety Construction: 11JAN20 2.4
Load line: 11JAN20 2.5
IOPP (International Oil Pollution Prevention): 11JAN20 2.6
IAPP (International Air Pollution Prevention): 11JAN20
SMC: 04JUL20 2.8
USCG Letter of Compliance: 31JUL16 2.11
CLC (Civil Liability Certificate): 20FEB19 2.13
US CoFr: 29JAN20 1.15
Certificate of Fitness(Gas/Chemical): N/A 1.16 & 2.17
Certificate of Class:: 11JAN20
DOC: 15JAN19


Does the vessel have the following documents on board?:
International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers & Terminals (ISGOTT):: Yes 2.28
OCIMF/ICS Ship to Ship Transfer Guide (Petroleum):: Yes 2.31

Crew Management

Nationality of Master:: Indian
Nationality of Officers:: Filipino/PRC 3.1
Nationality of Crew:: Filipino/PRC 3.2
If Officers/Crew employed by a Manning Agency - Full Style:: Officers: Operator Crew : Operator 3.1 & 3.2
What is the common working language onboard?: English 3.1
Do key officers understand English?: Yes
In case of Flag Of Convenience (FOC), is the ITF Special Agreement on board?: Yes

Structural Condition

Are cargo tanks coated?: Yes 7.1
If Yes, specify type of coating:: Pure Epoxy Sigmaguard EHB 7433, 3x100 DFT 7.1.1
If cargo tanks are coated, specify to what extent:: Full 7.1.3
Are slop tanks coated?: Yes
If slop tanks are coated, specify to what extent:: Full

Cargo & Ballast System

If double hull, is vessel fitted with centreline bulkhead in all cargo tanks?: Yes 8.2
Groups / Tank Capacities: 3 8.3
Cubic capacity (98% excl. slop tank): 81195.1 cbm 8.4 & 8.6
Slop tank(s) capacity (98%): 2,833.6 cbm + 320.6 cbm residual tank 8.5 & 8.7
If SBT, what percentage of SDWT can vessel maintain with SBT only?: 38% 8.14.2
If SBT, does vessel meet the requirements of MARPOL Reg 13(2)?: Yes 8.14.3
No. of natural segregations with double valve: 3 Grades, Flexible groupings 8.15

Cargo Pumps

Number / Capacity / Type:: 3 sets x 2300m3/hr/ Steam Centrifugal 8.18-8.25

Gauging and Sampling

Can tank innage/ullage be read from the CCR?: Yes 8.48
Can vessel operate under closed conditions in accordance with ISGOTT 7.6.3?: Yes 8.67
Type of tank gauging system (radar / floating / other): Radar 8.51.1
Are high level alarms fitted and operational in cargo tanks?: Yes 8.54

Vapour Emission Control and Venting

Is a vapour return system fitted?: Yes 8.65
Ventline system(Common line or Independent line): Common line and independent high velocity PV valve 8.67
Max loading rate per midships connection for homogenous cargo?: 8000m3/hr 8.79

Cargo Manifolds

Does vessel comply with the latest edition of the OCIMF 'Recommendations for Oil Tanker Manifolds and Associated Equipment’?: Yes 8.80
Number of manifolds on each side: 4 manifolds each side 8.83
What is the size of cargo connections?: 450mm 8.84
Material of manifold: ASA 150, Steel. 8.86
Distance between cargo manifold centres: 2500mm 8.93
Distance rail to manifold: 4.275M 8.95
Distance deck to centre manifold: 2.10M 8.97
Height of manifold connections above the waterline at Summer DWT: 8.415 8.101
(2) Height from sea level upon completion of discharge: 15.715m 8.102
Is vessel fitted with a stern manifold?: No 8.104
Number/size of reducers: 18"x16"-8pcs / 18"x12"-6Pcs / 16"x10"-6 pcs/16"x8"-6 Pcs/ 10"x6"-3pcs/ 8"x6"-1pc 8.106-8.110

Cargo Heating

Type of cargo heating system?: Steam Coils 8.120
Material of heating system?: SS 8.128
Max load temp:: 150F
Max temp maintain:: 135F


Is an Inert Gas System (IGS) fitted?: Yes 9.120
Is IGS supplied by flue gas, inert gas (IG) generator and/or nitrogen?: Both Flue Gas & IG Generator 9.128
Is a Crude Oil Washing (COW) installation fitted?: Yes

Mooring Arrangement

Number/length/diameter of wires: nil 10.2-5
Breaking strength of wires: N/A 10.2-5
Number/length/diameter of mooring ropes: 16/220M/28.6mm 10.11-18
Breaking strength of mooring ropes: 67t 10.11-18
Number and brake holding power of mooring winches: 8/41T, Forecastle 2/Fore maindeck 2/Aft maindeck 1/ Poop 3 10.22-10.25
How many closed chocks and/or fairleads of enclosed type are fitted on:: Focsle: 12/ Maindeck FWD: 12/ Maindeck aft:6/ poop: 14, Comply with tug escort requirement

Single Point Mooring (SPM) Equipment

Fairlead size: 600 X 450 mm x 2 pcs Panama Chocks Two Panama Chocks 2.5 m  between them. Panama Chocks to chain stopper 2.8 m. 10.48
Does vessel comply with the latest edition of OCIMF 'Recommendations for Equipment Employed in the Mooring of Vessels at Single Point Moorings (SPM)’? : Yes 10.60
Is vessel fitted with chain stopper(s)?: Yes 10.61
Number:: 2 10.61.1
Type:: Hinged Bar type 10.61.2
SWL:: 200 Tons 10.61.3
Max diameter chain size:: 76 mm Chain 10.62

Lifting Equipment

Derrick(s) - Number / SWL: N/A 10.75
Crane(s) - Number / SWL: 1 x 15 Tons of Crane 10.76

Engine Room

What type of fuel is used for main propulsion?: HFO 380Cst 12.5
What type of fuel is used in the generating plant?: HFO 380Cst 12.14


P&I Club Name: Britannia steam ship insurance
Last three cargoes (1st/2nd/3rd): GASOLINE/GASOLINE/GASOLINE
Last Three Charterers (1st/2nd/3rd): ATC/ATC/ATC
Last three voyages (Last / 2nd Last / 3rd Last):: 1.Yanbu-Jeddah 2.Yanbu-Jeddah 3.Yanbu-Jeddah
Date of last SIRE Inspection:: 29 Mar 2018
Date of last CDI Inspection:: N/A
Current Oil Major Company Acceptances (TBOOK):: TOTAL/LUKOIL/KOCH
Date and place of last Port State Control:: 25Mar18 @ Jubail
Any outstanding deficiencies as reported by any Port State Control? If Yes, provide details: No
If yes, provide details::

For USA Call only

Qualified individual (QI) - Full Style:: Gallagher Marine System Inc 200 Century Parkway - Suite D, Mount Laurel, New Jersey 08054 Tel: +1 856 642 2091 / Fax: +1 856 642 3945 / Email: info@chgms.com Tel: +1 703 683 4700(24 hrs)
Oil Spill Response Organization (OSRO) -Full Style:: National Response Corporation 3500 Sunrise Highway Building 200, Suite 200, Great River, NY 11739 USA Tel: 1 631 224 9141 Fax:1 631 224 9096
Has owner, manager, or operator signed the Sea Carrier Initiative agreement with US customs concerning drug smuggling?: Yes

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